Our Production


Felt processing

Traditional and demanding production processes

Wool, rabbit, beaver or cashmere felt hats require traditional and demanding production processes. The craftsmanship of the workmanship and the brushing of the hair, authentic and unusual, allow to obtain a unique product, highly exclusive and original.


Formed Straw Processing

Skilled hands for unique hats

The hats formed in straw or natural fibers are born from the pressing of cloches previously woven by hand. Some particular types of weaving are crocheted, creating truly unique hats, of high manufacture and exclusive quality.


Straw processing

Art and Tradition.

The seam of the straw is a secular art, handed down for generations. Expert hands that transform braids of natural fibers into unique hats, high quality products.


Over 1000 forms of property enrich the company assets!

In this way we guarantee to our clients' style offices an extreme creative freedom for the realization of their collections ...

Research innovation
and attention to detail

Faithfulness to the origins is captured in the dexterity of each step, in attention to detail, in the selection of materials such as straw, leather, wool, rabbit, silk, fabrics and trimmings.

Each hat produced by FILIPPO CATARZI thus becomes a unique design object, a small work of art to show off on various occasions, the result of the know-how of four generations of entrepreneurs able to continually reinvent themselves without ever departing from quality.