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Welcome to our website (“Web Site”). You are kindly requested to read carefully our Privacy Policy which is applicable either if you just decide to surf inside our site using its services without buying any product, or in case you connect to, surf, use its services and buy the products. If you have not done it yet, please read the General Terms of Sale of, because they contain some important indications about the privacy and the security systems used by the website. website has been realized by Netwitec S.r.l., having its office in Via San Morese 54-Calenzano (Florence).

Processing data holder is CATARZI FILIPPO S.r.l., with legal headquarters in Italy, Via dei Colli n. 191 – 50058 Signa (Florence) P.IVA: 04506940487.


Everybody has the right to have his personal data protected. Catarzi Filippo respects the right of his own users to be informed about the collection and all other operations concerning the processing of personal data. We try to respect the principle of strict necessity when dealing with data that can, directly or indirectly, identify your person. For this reason we have set up in order to reduce to the minimum the use of your personal information and exclude the use of your information when the purposes can be reached by using anonymous information (for example in the market researches oriented to the service improvement) or through other methods that allow to identified the person concerned only if really necessary or on request of the authority or police (as, for examples , the navigation data on the site or your IP address).

The decisions concerning the purposes, the methods for processing your personal information and the instruments used, including the security profile, are under the responsibility of Catarzi Filippo, as holder of the user’s personal information processing, as per legislative decree of June 30, 2003, n. 196 (Privacy Code).

This Privacy Policy gives all useful information to understand how we collect and use information identifying users. For any other information about our Privacy Policy you can send a request to or to Catarzi Filippo headquarter address, as previously indicated.



Catarzi Filippo is the holder of user’s personal information. He decides how to use this data also as far as security profile is concerned. Exclusively for organizational and functional exigences, Catarzi Filippo has appointed some supervisors of personal information processing, for purposes strictly connected to the services offered by, including the sale of the products. These supervisors have been chosen because they have revealed to have experience, capability and reliability and give an adequate guarantee for respecting the existing rules in the field of processing, including the profile of information security. The supervisors use the consumer’s personal data following the instructions received by Catarzi Filippo. Periodically we verify that our supervisors had handled their task correctly and that continue to give suitable guarantees for personal data protection.

To have the complete list of our supervisors, kindly send an email to



Your personal information is collected and used by Catarzi Filippo for purposes strictly related to the use of the website, of its services and for the purchase of products via Your personal information can also be used for other operations, but anyhow always compatibly with the following purposes:

Within the registration process we collect your personal information (such as your email address, your personal data, your password) through the registration form, to enable you to enter reserved areas and services and receive by email possible Newsletters, when expressly requested;

To give assistance (Customer Service), we collect your personal data (such as your email address and password) in order to give you all necessary information regarding services and your purchase of products in the site;

Within your purchase processing in the site, we collect your personal data (such as personal information, email address, postal address, credit card and bank details, phone number) by the order form for the sale of products in;

Within the request for technical assistance, we collect your personal data to notify web surfing problems, browser compatibility and visualization or web page uploading;

Your personal information is mainly used in the electronic format and sometimes also in a paper format. For example, when using your data is necessary to prevent frauds in Your personal data will be kept in a format allowing your identification just for the time necessary and in any case, in accordance with the law. To guarantee your personal information are always exact and updated, and anyhow pertinent and complete, you are kindly asked to advise any change to the following email address:

Your personal data will not be transmitted to a third party for purposes not permitted by law or without your expressed consent.

Apart from the appointed company, responsible for the using of your personal data, they will be available also for a third party for accessory purposes related to the service supply (i.e. transactions concerning your purchases). For more details about this matter, see paragraph 5 below (Whom we transmit your personal data to).

Moreover, your data can be given to the police or to judiciary authority in accordance to law and subject to a formal request by them, for example in range of antifraud services. Your data will be accessible also to the Supervisors of processing as shown at paragraph 2 and for specific purposes shown in the same paragraph. In all these events your approval is not necessary. Your personal information will not be transferred abroad to those countries not belonging to the European Union, that do not assure suitable defense levels. If this was necessary to supply you our services or to conclude a contract with Catarzi Filippo for the product purchase, we ensure that your data transfer towards countries outside European Union and that do not assure suitable defense levels, will be made by Catarzi Filippo only after having concluded specific contracts with these subjects, that will contain safeguard clauses for the protection of your personal information, in accordance with law and relevant regulations.

Please be informed that Catarzi Filippo will use your personal information only for purposes connected to the product supply, subject to your agreement, to let you know the new commercial initiatives, strictly connected to the activity and services of the website.

Catarzi Filippo will use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, also by electronic mail, only with your approval. The purposes for using your data will be given forth specifically each time, in the advisory note that Catarzi Filippo submits in the page used for conferment of personal information. It may happen that Catarzi Filippo has to use personal information of a third party, given by his own users, for example when the person who corresponds the purchase price is different from the one that will receive it, that is when the user wants to recommend a friend a service or a product sold by

In all these events ensure to have the consent to the use of this persona data before transmitting them to Catarzi Filippo and inform him about this Privacy Policy because you will be the one and only responsible for the communication of personal data of a third party, if he has not requested it, and for their incorrect use or adverse to law.

In any case Catarzi Filippo, in the limits of law, will perform the duties to inform the user and, when necessary, will request his expressed agreement when entering his own personal data file archive.


The conferment of your personal data to Catarzi Filippo and in particular, your email address, your postal address, your credit/debit card, your bank details, your phone number, is necessary to conclude the purchase contract in Some of these data could be, vice versa, essential for the supply of other services offered in the website, on your request or to perform duties of law or procedure.

The possible refusal to give Catarzi Filippo some of your data could cause the impossibility to close the purchase contract for the products sold in or to give other services available in the site – as for example, to give assistance (Customer Service), the Newsletter or to fulfill correctly duties of law or procedure.

Therefore, the non-indication of your personal information can be depending on the case a just and valid reason for not performing the purchase contract of the products or the services given by the site.

The indication of further information to Catarzi Filippo, different from the compulsory ones, to fulfill his own legal or contractual obligations, that is for the supply of specific services on request, is instead elective and does not cause any consequence to the website use and its services or the purchase of products in

Depending on the case and, if necessary, each time, we shall duly inform you about the compulsory or elective nature of your personal data communication to Catarzi Filippo.

We shall point out the compulsory or elective nature of your data communication, by placing the specific type (*) to the compulsory information. That is the only necessary information needed to supply the services and for the product purchases in We remind you that the missed indication of your elective personal information will not cause to our users any obligation or prejudice.



Your personal data can be made available to a third company, offering services on behalf of Catarzi Filippo. They can be responsible for the data processing or can give them to other subjects whose names will be specified each time. The data will be processed autonomously only to execute the purchase contract of the products and only when this purpose is not incompatible with the purposes your personal information has been collected and processed for, and anyhow in compliance with law.

The data will not be given, sold or transferred to other subjects without informing the users, and with their consent, when requested by law.



Catarzi Filippo collects directly from his own users the personal information in range of the online registration process or transmission of order forms in the website, in order to conclude ecommerce transactions. These data are processed by Catarzi Filippo for the purposes indicated in the note shown to the user in the section dedicated to data collection This includes the possible communication to a third subject – for instrumental purposes – to give the service requested by the user, as specified at paragraph 5.

Catarzi Filippo reserves the right to remove the registered users accounts and all relative data, in case they contain illicit contents, damaging Catarzi Filippo image or his products, or a third-party product. Or anyhow offensive contents promoting illegal activities, porn contents, violence or racial, sex, religion and sexual preference discriminations.



We took security measures to reduce lowest the destruction or loss risks, even accidental, of the data themselves, the unauthorized access or the unauthorized processing or collection purposes shown in our Privacy Policy. However, Catarzi Filippo cannot guarantee his own users that the measures taken for the site security and information in keep out any risk of forbidden access or data dispersion. We suggest you to ensure your computer has proper software devices for data protection via internet, either incoming our outgoing (update antivirus systems) and that your Internet services supplier has taken suitable measures for security data processing (as i.e. firewalls or antispam filters).


COOKIES uses automatic data collection, such as cookies. A cookie is a devise posted to the user hard disk; it does not contain any understandable information, but allows to link the user to his personal information (as i.e. when collecting the user IP and other information concerning his stay in the website or his preference in the choice of the offered services and products bought through the site) given by the same in the site. only uses technical cookies: information and data are collected directly and automatically from the website and as part of the same operation to allow a more correct surfing and to maximize web services.

As you know each Internet browser allows to delete the cookies after each session. The Internet browser contains the instructions for cancellation procedures. Have a look to it. The acceptance of the automatic procedures for data collection and cookies use are necessary for using the website and its services, included the product purchase. In case you have started the cookie cancellation procedure, Catarzi Filippo cannot guarantee the complete visualization of some of the web pages or the supply of some services as, for example, your storage and visualization inside the web pages, of the products you have chosen when proceeding with your online order.


OPT-IN/OPT OUT (possibility to receive information, communications and newsletter).

Catarzi Filippo uses your personal data for sending advertising material, direct marketing or other commercial communications, also via email: if the advertising concerns products similar to those already bought, Catarzi Filippo can send it to your email address without your expressed consent, provided that you have not refused it, when giving your email or in following occasions (art. 130, clause 4, legislative decree 196/2003), whereas your expressed and free consent will be necessary to legitimate any advertising email concerning products different from those you have already bought. Equally, Catarzi Filippo can process your data without your consent to give you services you have requested (as for example, the Newsletter).

Every time your consent will be necessary, we shall inform you in advance and you will have the possibility to give or deny your consent to the use of your personal data, for these purposes, including your email address, by clicking the special buttons.

We would inform you that Catarzi Filippo can process your personal data also without your consent, provided for by law, as for example when it is necessary to perform a legal obligation or when it is necessary to accomplish the obligations towards the users (i.e. if you have bought some products in or you have asked for specific services through our website).

In any case, we want to inform you that Catarzi Filippo guarantees his users, in any moment and without specifying any reason, the right not to receive future communications connected with the use of services on request.



You have always the right to get from Catarzi Filippo the confirmation of the existence or not, of personal data related to you, even if still registered and get them in an intelligible format.

Moreover, you have the right to get from Catarzi Filippo the information about the origin of your personal data. The purpose and way of processing your data; the logic employed in case of processing through electronic instruments; the identification of the owner and of the supervisors in charge of the processing; the indication of the subjects and categories to whom the personal data have been given or may learn about, being responsible or in charge of the processing. In part this information can be found in our Privacy Policy; for more details, you can send an email to:

You always have the right to get from Catarzi Filippo:

The update, the amendment or, if interested, the integration of your personal data;

The anonymous cancellation or modification or block of your personal information, when processed in violation of law, including when conservation is not necessary in relation with the purpose they have been collected and then processed for;

The attestation that the operations and their contents, shown at paragraph a) and b) have been transmitted to those who have received the data, except when this fulfilment is impossible or needs the use of manifestly excessive means compared with the defended right.

However, you will have the right of opposition totally or in part:

For legitimated reasons related to your personal data processing, even if relevant to the collection purpose;

To your personal data processing, related to the dispatch of advertising material or direct marketing or market surveys or commercial communication.

You can freely and in any moment exercise your rights, within the law limit, making your request to Catarzi Filippo to the email address We shall immediately reply to you.


LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES contains some links to other websites that may have no connection with or Catarzi Filippo. Catarzi Filippo does not control or monitor these websites and their contents. Catarzi Filippo cannot be responsible for the contents of these sites and their rules concerning privacy and your personal data processing, during your surfing. You are kindly requested to pay attention when you connect to these websites, through the links of our website and read carefully their conditions of use and privacy rules. The Privacy Policy of is not valid for other websites and Catarzi Filippo is not responsible for privacy policy applied by these other websites. gives a link to these websites only to facilitate the user to surf and search and to ease the Internet hypertext link to other websites. The link activation does not need any recommendation or warning by Catarzi Filippo either to access or to surf in these sites, and no guarantee for their contents, services or assets supplied and sold to Internet users.



If you wish to receive more information about Catarzi Filippo personal data processing, please send an email to: To know your rights and be always updated about the rules in the field of person defense and respect for personal information processing, we suggest you to visit the protection personal data authority website:



This Privacy Policy is regulated by the Italian Law and in particular by the Code for personal data protection (Legislative decree 30th June 2003 n. 196) and following modifications and integrations, regulating the personal data processing – even for data hold abroad – made by whoever is resident or has his head office in Italy or through instruments located in Italy. The code guarantees that the personal data processing operates respecting the rights and the fundamental freedoms, as well as the dignity of the person concerned, with particular regard to the confidentiality, the personal identity and the right for personal data protection.



Catarzi Filippo can modify or simply update, in whole or in part, Privacy Policy, also considering law changes or regulations related, to this subject, that protect your rights. Changes and updates in the Privacy Policy will be notified to users in the Home Page of site, as soon as applied and will be binding as soon as published in the website in this same section. Therefore, you are kindly requested to enter this section regularly to verify the most recent version of Privacy Policy.



The personal data collected will be processed, mainly by electronic methods, by CATARZI FILIPPO S.r.l., having its legal residence in Italy, Via dei Colli n. 191 – 50058 Signa (FI), VAT: 04506940487.

The personal data collected will be used exclusively for perfecting the registration process and enable you to use the services offered by the site when entering the reserved areas (for example: to carry out your orders and instrumental activities related to them, included the operations connected with administrative and fiscal fulfilments, Newsletter dispatch, where provided or requested) and also to improve the service offered.

Catarzi Filippo can also use your data for sending advertising emails about his own products and services, when alike to those already bought, unless you do not refuse this use using your opposition right (see the methods explained below art.130, clause 4, Legislative decree 196/2003).

Moreover, upon agreement, the data can be processed also for sending promotional material about products and services, different from those already bought and for marketing activities or opinion polls.

To get the complete list of the supervisors who deal with your personal information, please contact the Customer Service or send an email to the following address: The persons who will have in charge your data are those dealing with order handling, accountancy, client service, information systems and marketing (if consent given), website management and those in charge of services to registered users.

As per paragraph 7, legislative decree 196/2003, you can exercise your right to consult, modify, cancel the data or oppose to their processing for advertising material dispatch or commercial communications, or polls, contacting Catarzi Filippo at the above-mentioned postal address or by email to: In the same way you can ask for the complete and updated list of the supervisors in charge of data processing.

For any other legal information, concerning Privacy, please check the dedicated section Privacy Policy: